18 Jun


The Etiquette Girl











Did you ever see a woman on the street or at a party and wondered what made her look so classy?  It’s a combination of three things: 

  • Presence
  • Demeanor                 
  • Education


A Lady knows how to dress for every occasion.  Whether she is going to the grocery store or a black tie benefit, her closet is equipped with the most suitable attire for every event.  Oftentimes a woman is invited to an event where a dress code is enforced:  Casual, Smart Casual, Cocktail and Black Tie.  You should always adhere to the dress code.


Aside from appearance, you can spot a classy lady from afar if she…

  • Does not argue, but debates firmly
  • Does not yell, but speaks in a confident tone
  • Remains calm at all times
  • Maintains her grace and style when encountered with awkward and uncomfortable situations
  • Does not laugh loudly or obnoxiously
  • Bestows a charming smile even if she’s surrounded by ignorant monkeys and mules


This is just as important as appearance and demeanor.  You may look classy and sophisticated but if you have nothing interesting to say or nothing to offer an opinion on, than it’s just as good as not having attended the event at all.  People like to engage in interesting and fun conversations.  You may want to offer some facts you know, or share a story you read in the paper or saw in the news.  You may even want to talk about your favorite author and suggest a good read.   Always be prepared to speak about any topic.  Knowing a little bit of everything and keeping up to date with current events will give you a great advantage at having substantial conversation material.  This will also help you create and develop good relationships.  I will post future blogs about topics you should know about.  You will find these articles under a specific category: Etiquette, Art, History, Entertainment, etc… but don’t forget to subscribe to your local newspaper or assign an online news website as your favorite for your daily read.

- The Etiquette Girl

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