9 Aug

Miami Museum of Science Hosts Brew It Up Miami

(Miami, Florida) – StraightUp Productions hosted an event dubbed Brew It Up Miami at the Miami Museum of Science to Benefit Casa Amor, a non-profit organization dedicated to sheltering, feeding, and educating orphaned children. 

The event featured a selection of brewery houses including Magners, Dos Equis, Newcastle, and Samuel Adams.  Delicious wings and other appetizers were kindly donated by Hurricane Grill & Wings to satisfy hungry guests.

Official sponsors included: Hurricane Grill & Wings, Magners, Dos Equis, Newcastle, Samuel Adams, Gypsy Sue Designs, Bath Fitter, Paper Boutique, Penny Lane Designs by Karlee, Petra Soy Candles, and Bar Angel Technologies.

Gypsy Sue Designs

Hair Strands by Penny Lane

Bar Angel Technologies

Bar Angel Technologies is designed to detect alcohol levels by blowing air into a breathalyzer vending machine. ■

The Etiquette Girl Nathalia Bogani at Brew It Up Miami


TEG – Luis, tell us where you’re from.

L.S. – I was born here in Miami but my lovely family is from Nicaragua.

TEG – Tell us what you’re doing here tonight.  What is Brew It Up Miami?

L.S. – StraightUp Productions does events all year-long working with different non-profit organizations.  Brew It Up Miami is being hosted to benefit Casa Amor which has been established for six years now out of Miami.  They help children around the world and they focus their energy on the orphanages in third world countries. 

TEG – What is happening at Brew It Up Miami?

L.S. – Tonight we are gathering people from Miami, Hollywood and Miramar to let them know that they have the beautiful Miami Science Museum and we’re here hosting this event for the kids.  We have gathered vendors showcasing a variety of different beer brands from Belgium, Germany, and India.  I also want to give a special thanks to Brew FIU which is now brewing four different types of beers just for us.  We have Magners, Newcastle and many more.  Also, a special thanks to Bath Fitter and Petra Soy Candles among others who came to officially sponsor the event.

TEG – Thank you, Luis, for hosting this event that benefits such a special cause for our orphaned children of the world.



Giving Back

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that events like these are made possible through people like Luis Somoza from StraightUp Productions, who host events for the benefit of non-profit organizations.

Part of being in control of your life to become truly successful, is also knowing that there is a part of you that is dedicated to helping those in need of important resources.  Casa Amor provides shelter, food, and education to orphaned children.  And just like this organization, there are many others you can help.  Join a local cause today and help make a difference for that is what truly makes you a classy and smart person.

- The Etiquette Girl

For more information on Casa Amor, please visit

For more information on Bar Angel Technologies, please visit

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