26 Feb

(Miami, Florida) – FIU’S Presidential Residence, like every year, was home to the 3rd annual First Generation Scholarship Benefit.  Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President of FIU, opens his doors to the students, staff and faculty of the University to raise funds and awareness for this special empowerment program.  In 2006 the Florida Legislature established the First Generation Scholarship Fund to support students who will be the first generation in their families to pursue and attain a college education.  This is the only known program in all of the United States to match private contributions 100%. 

About 40% of FIU’s student body is composed of “First Generation” students.

During the benefit, the FIU Student Government Association raised over $166,000 with the state match. To date, FIU has awarded more than $3 million to over 5,000 students; however, the University has limited resources in scholarship funds to award to every single student with financial needs – leaving many talented individuals attending college on a part-time basis or not attending college at all.

If you would like to join FIU in supporting these “First Generation” students by making a contribution to this fund, please visit ■

Dr. Rosenberg with Roary the Panther and wife Rosalie


Dr. Rosenberg speaking about the future of FIU and Federal Grants


Myka Figueiredo, FIU Development Officer


Nathalia Bogani giving a "Thank You" speech


Nathalia Bogani, Rosalie Rosenberg and Marly Quincoces of StarMar Events


- Nathalia Y. Bogani – “The Etiquette Girl”

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