4 Mar


(Miami, Florida) – Mexican photographer, Martin Gavica, is the Founder and President of “Fundación Bella” (Beautiful Foundation), a campaign designed to raise awareness about breast cancer, and educate women on the importance of self-examination for early detection. During the month of February, photo sessions were held in a studio in Brickell.  Women from all over Miami filled the room with an overwhelming sense of strength and empowerment. Gavica started the campaign as homage to his mother who died 2008 after a 9 year battle with breast cancer. In 2010 Gavica photographed 67 women in his hometown, Mazatlán, Sinaloa and, shortly after, found himself with more than 1,000 photographs of which one was of First Lady, Margarita Zavala.  After the initial campaign was published in a local magazine, he began receiving calls from people all over the country asking to participate.  Gavica has taken the campaign through all the states of Mexico and has also been invited to visit New York, California, Massachusetts, Washington, Texas, Arizona and Minnesota among other states within the U.S. “It’s not just about my mother anymore” – says Gavica – “it’s now about the survivors.  [The campaign] is moving along with its own force, and I’m just going with the flow.”    

Gavica visited Miami in February during which he was able to photograph 208 women.  These women represented countries from all over the world, including Canada, US, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, and Spain to name a few.

To obtain more information about this campaign, please visit (Spanish website). ■




- Nathalia Y. Bogani – “The Etiquette Girl”

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