Nathalia Bogani is the Founder and President of Classy & Smart, Inc., a company that specializes in etiquette and image consulting in Miami, Florida.

From an early age, like many seven-year-old girls, Nathalia’s love for the grown-up world emerged.  Looking through her mother’s closet, she would decide for the most stylish pair of boots she could find and model them throughout the house (while already styling some beautiful piece of jewelry found in her mother’s dresser, of course.)  Through high school, she developed an even higher appreciation for good image, and it wasn’t long before she started to pay close attention to the latest fashion trends from magazines, stores, and even her own peers.

In addition to personal image, Nathalia advanced her ability of having a keen eye for good manners and class; and she is now capable of detecting the lack of, and need for, proper etiquette. 

She founded Classy & Smart, Inc. (Classy & Smart) with a vision to better the lives of women; women in need to uplift their self-esteem and confidence by mastering the art of proper etiquette and personal image.  And most importantly, she would like to work with those women who truly acknowledge in their hearts that there are certain aspects of their social behaviors that need further development and better discipline.    Nathalia will diligently work with those women who, not only aspire to become a better person, but that also possess a genuine desire to implement the practice of proper etiquette and personal image in their everyday lives.

Nathalia started “The Etiquette Girl” to promote good manners, proper etiquette skills and personal image awareness by sharing relevant information from events, interviews or Classy & Smart material.  She is a strong believer that if you propose, and promise something to your heart, you can achieve anything you wish. 

Meet Nathalia Bogani – The Etiquette Girl

If you wish to obtain a free Classy & Smart Consultation, please contact The Etiquette Girl at:

Nathalia Y. Bogani
Classy & Smart, Inc.
Miami, Florida
T: 305-915-2079

Etiquette and Image Consulting

The Etiquette Girl


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