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24 Jul

1st Annual Summer Shopping Extravaganza

(Coral Gables, Florida) – O.riginals Design & Stationary hosted its 1st annual Summer Shopping Extravaganza to benefit Amigos for Kids’ back to school drive at the Coral Gables Elk’s Lodge.

The event featured diverse vendors offering an array of products from jewelry to clothing, home products, kid’s accessories, food, artwork, personalized back to school items, and much more.

Among some of the vendors who participated in the event were O.riginals Designs & Stationary, Maria Paola Jewelry, The Natalia Bee Foundation, and Stella & Dot to name a few.■


Olga Martinez and Etiquette Girl Nathalia Bogani

TEG – What is Summer Shopping Extravaganza?

O.M. – We are hosting a fundraiser event to benefit Amigos for Kids’ back to school drive which provides 1,500 children with school supplies.  We have gathered over 30 local vendors selling unique merchandise from clothing to accessories, candles, jewelry, personalized back to school supplies, swimwear, and much more.

TEG – Tell me about your company, O.riginals Designs & Stationary, which has helped put together this event.

O.M. – O.riginals is a design studio in Miami that specializes in customization and personalization.  We have a copyright illustration that we use on our products that resembles the personality of the recipient.  Since we focus on drawing children in school uniforms, and we do a lot of school items, we decided to do an event to help kids going back to school with Amigos for Kids.

TEG – That makes a lot of sense.  What you are doing is truly special and I congratulate you for your decision in organizing this drive.  Thank you so much for having me here.


I also had the opportunity to speak to some of the vendors


Judy Anez - The Etiquette Girl Nathalia Bogani - Jewelry Designer Maria Paola

TEG – Tell me about the company and how it started.

M.P.J. –Maria Paola started the company nine years ago when she began designing jewelry from her parents’ studio.  From an early age she demonstrated a love for fashion, and she now designs and makes all her unique jewelry pieces by hand.   

TEG – Is the company only based in Miami?

M.P.J. – We sell to boutiques in New York’s Fifth Avenue, Santo Domingo, Colombia and other countries.  In Miami we only sell on a personal basis.

Maria Paola Jewelry

TEG – Have you been featured on any shows?

M.P.J. – Yes, we have been on Despierta America, and El Gordo y La Flaca since we have had the opportunity to accessorize many local celebrities, like Giselle Blondet, Chiquinquira Delgado, Kim Kardashian, Barbara Bermudo, Alejandra Espinoza, Karla Martinez, and many more.

TEG – Thank you so much, you have a beautiful display and I wish you much success now and in the future.


The Etiquette Girl Nathalia Bogani with Mary D'Argenis-Fernandez

TEG –  What is The Natalia Bee Foundation?

M.D. – I started The Natalia Bee Foundation last year with the intent to raise funds for heart disease research and awareness.  Since last year we have donated $11,500 to the American Heart Association and Children’s Hospital of Boston.  Through this fundraiser, we will give a portion of the proceeds to different causes, as well as the Amigos for Kids school drive.

TEG – What are you selling today?

M.D. – I’m selling the bee hair accessories for little girls.  The bee is representative of the cause and logo of the foundation.  

TEG – How did this foundation start, and where did the name Natalia Bee come from?

M.D. – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with one death every 34 seconds, it’s six times greater than all cancers combined.  Last year my husband passed away from a cardiac arrest.  After that happened, I had my daughter checked and learned that the disease is hereditary.  She was diagnosed with heart disease so I wanted to do something about it.  Natalia Bee is my daughter’s nickname, she just turned three.

TEG – You are a brave woman for everything you have gone through and for still having the strength to want to help others through your foundation.  Thank you for what you do and I’m sure your daughter will be proud of you when she’s old enough to understand.



The Importance of helping others

About 30 vendors gathered here today to help raise funds for the Amigos for Kids foundation; some were even an organization of their own, like The Natalia Bee Foundation.

It is always refreshing and satisfying to see so many good-hearted people with a genuine desire to help others, even if it means sharing funds with other organizations.

I encourage you to become involved with a cause, any cause, where you will enjoy participating and collaborating in.  There’s nothing better than to know that your time, energy and efforts are being dedicated to a great cause that will benefit from your good-doing and generosity.  That is the behavior of a truly considerate and compassionate individual.

- The Etiquette Girl

For more information on O.riginals, please visit www.originalsds.com

For more information on Maria Paola Jewelry, please visit www.mariapaolajewelry.com

For more information on The Natalia Bee Foundation, please visit www.nataliabee.org



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